• Audit and review of standalone and consolidated financial statements prepared in accordance with Polish and International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Verification of consolidation packages for the needs of the Capital Group
  • Review of accounting books
  • Audit of financial statements for the prospectus
  • Audit of funds utilization for EU-funded projects
  • Study merger, transformation and distribution of trading companies
  • Opinions on contributed in-kind contributions, exchange parity determination
  • Other attestation services
Planally, legibly, calmly

We are experts in the audit of the books of account that form the basis of the financial statements.
Our experience guarantees a quiet sleep and hassle-free completion of the audit.

  • Accounting consulting
  • Implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards - identification of differences and support for preparation of IFRS / IAS financial statements for the first time
  • Advisory on the consolidation of financial statements as well as determining the impact of planned transactions on the consolidated financial statements of the Group
  • Support for the compilation of financial data into the prospectus
  • Preparation of the internal documentation of the unit (preparation of the accounting policy along with the chart of accounts, instructions, regulations)
  • Consultancy on mergers, mergers and divisions of business entities
  • Business valuation
  • Economic and financial expertise
  • Evaluation of investment projects - business plan
Professionally and precisely.

We have the necessary knowledge to evaluate and verify
Many aspects of a company’s financial performance.

  • We have experience in approximating accounting issues
  • We specialize in training in International Financial Reporting Standards as well as consolidation of financial statements
  • We prepare training according to the individual needs of our clients
With emphasis on practice.

We are keen on mastering the knowledge useful in the day to day operation of the company.
Tailor-made training.


The head office is located in Poznań, the corner of the Old Market Square and Szkolna Street, the entrance from Szkolna Street.

GFA Małgorzata Grześkowiak
ul. Szkolna 1/206, 61-832 Poznań / Poland

T: +48 61 670 78 60
M: +48 693 333 240